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September 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019


  • Asociacion Egeria Desarrollo Social Spain
  • Eurocircle rhone alpes France

The project entitled ”The Atlas of European Values” not only gives the title dimension to this idea, but will also become a specific message for a European in paper and electronic form of the publication “Unity in Diversity” created by the initiators of the project, divided into 7 thematic chapters: Europe, family, work, politics , society, religion and well-being (summary of the debates).

Project goals:

  • publicizing the global problem of terrorism and radicalism in youth circles
  • increasing intercultural and inter-religious awareness
  • expressing oneself and one’s own entrepreneurship through a series of active debates
  • increasing the sense of initiative among young people
  • inclusion of disadvantaged groups in the activities
  • strengthening the sense of belonging to the EU
  • strengthening the synergy and coherence of nations, including the indissolubility of permanent European values
  • broadening the horizons of young people through non-formal education in a cross section
  • interdisciplinary (history, politics, economics, law, ethics, religion, the basics of entrepreneurship, statistics, sociology, knowledge about society (WOS), knowledge about culture (WOK))

The results:

(e-) publication of “Unity in Diversity”, a must-have for a debater; shaping the attitudes of tolerance and respect for the dignity of others, increasing the awareness of European citizenship and spreading democracy, religious liberality, human rights, identification with social problems of Europe – terrorism, radicalism, extremism, strengthening solidarity, European identity and belonging, increasing intercultural awareness, overcoming shyness and own limitations through an increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship as well as an increase in self-presentation skills.