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Duration: 1.07.2023 – 31.10.2024

The target group: The project is addressed to 25 young individuals aged 18-19, divided into 5 groups.

In 2020, the Foundation initiated regular online meetings with young people called “Active Youth.” During the meetings, young people INSPIRE each other and DEVELOP by putting their grassroots initiatives into practice with the help of our organization. One of such meetings called “Active Youth for Green Planet” took place on October 10, 2022 at SAN in Lodz, Poland. In addition to motivational, integration-oriented exercises, the gathered youth from Poland deliberated on active ways to save our planet.

The main topics covered by the youth:

  • quality of drinking water, water treatment stations, the possibility of cooling down in hot weather
  • promotion of self-produced organic products
  • wind farms and other ways to save energy
  • global warming effects
  • deforestation and greening of areas
  • environmentally friendly means of transport

The “The deep end” project is an initiative focusing on promoting eco-friendly attitudes and increasing ecological awareness among youth, especially those with fewer opportunities. It involves traveling across Europe for young people to promote sustainable development, integration, and European values through direct educational, cultural, and social experiences.

5 stops along the route of project participants:

  • Italia, Capannori – Stop „Zero waste”
  • Slovenia, Lubljana – Stop „Sport equals health”
  • Croatia, Baska Voda – Stop “Issue as long as a river”
  • France, Brittany – France, Brittany – Stop “Organic farms, familiar atmosphere”
  • Denmark, Bornholm – Stop “Don’t lose energy”

The youth-defined goals of the “The deep end” trip include:

  • expanding ecological knowledge in each aspect
  • discovering youth’s own passions and interests
  • self-discovery, self-realization
  • increasing intercultural awareness
  • sensitizing European citizens to the effects of global warming

The project is intended to be just the beginning of a greater change. In line with the youth’s interests the aim of the project is to invite/encourage other peers/youngsters, who have not been interested in this topic so far, to deeper explore this subject.

Tangible project results:

  • 25 recordings/digital documents of the tasks performed (each of the 5 groups will perform 5 micro-tasks),
  • 5 special reports on a particular environmental problem/solution in the region,
  • 5 making-of materials from the trip,
  • 25 Youthpass certificates,
  • 25 Internal certificates.

Intangible project results:

  • expanding ecological knowledge in every aspect addressed,
  • discovering one’s own passions and interests,
  • self-discovery, self-realization,
  • sensitizing European citizens to the effects of global warming,
  • strengthening attitudes of tolerance towards otherness and respect for those with fewer opportunities,
  • more active participation in the social and civic life of young people,
  • openness to knowledge and readiness to expand it and develop skills and competencies,
  • covering issues of great importance to young people in public,
  • overcoming barriers and one’s own communication and social limitations.

Financing source:

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.