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Fundacja Strefa Inspiracji i Rozwoju

Szkolna Street 1
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The project is aimed at 16 young people aged 13-19.

The aim of the workshop is to establish communication with people through artistic activities and building social support. The means of artistic expression provide an opportunity to learn to deal with emotional tension as well as to manage stress. Workshops are an opportunity to express yourself and to spend your free time creatively.

As part of the project, for groups of 8 people we will organize workshops in the field of art therapy and workshops in the field of hortiotherapy.

Seniors will be involved in the project activities and will support the participants with their knowledge, advice and experience.

The participants’ struggles will be crowned with an e-gallery in a virtual space showing all works broken down into the category of artistic art. In the e-gallery you will also be able to see hand-made plantings, mini gardens or flower meadows made by workshop participants. Next to each work, there will be relevant information about the author and possible inspiration.

Our participants will learn specific techniques of creative work influencing their development and will be able to transfer these skills in their environments, classes, schools and peer groups. We want to encourage them to be interested in community service, volunteering, and inclusive activities.

Financing Source:

Co-financed by the National Institute of Freedom – Center for the Development of Civil Society from the funds of the Civic Initiatives Fund for 2014-2020.