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Duration: May 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020


  • 4YOUTH Greece

“A scrap of my world” involves the participation of a total of 30 people from Poland, Greece and Spain: 15 volunteers (18-30) and 15 disabled people, including people with health obstacles (15-22). Each organization will be attended by 10 people (5 people with fewer opportunities / special needs and 5 volunteers).

Project goals:

  • developing a learning culture
  • developing the passions and interests of the participants
  • promotion of intensive international dialogue
  • increasing intercultural awareness
  • strengthening values such as: solidarity, European cohesion
  • protection of human rights and freedoms
  • counteracting social exclusion
  • promotion of European integration

The project will help overcome the above-mentioned barriers through the variety of activities and its extraordinary character, because young people will participate in stimulating and creative artistic workshops consisting in creating commemorative albums presenting their world, ideas, dreams in the form of scrapbooking and handmade ornaments using the quilling method. The final exhibition of works by young participants will become a gallery of inspiration for all visitors who can meet the young artists in person. Volunteers will additionally create a mini e-platform with a gallery of the work of those under their care to expand the group of recipients on the international stage.

The results:

An exhibition of works by young people with disabilities (scrapalbums, ornaments and quilling jewelery); increasing communication skills in English, shaping or strengthening attitudes of tolerance, respect for dignity and human rights, internal and external socialization, increasing the ability to conduct open intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, overcoming internal barriers that increase self-esteem, developing a sense of entrepreneurship and initiative, strengthening international European cohesion, increased synergy between partner countries supporting activities for people with disabilities.