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Implementation period: June 1,2020 – March 31, 2021


1. Empirical School – Czech Republic,,

2. Green Belt Ecological Association – Hungary,,

3. SYTEV Association (Slovak Youth for Travel, Education and Volunteering) – Slovakia,

The need for a project:

Almost all countries in the world have pledged to improve the condition of our planet and the quality of life of their citizens by 2030, committing themselves to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. We all still have a lot to do in this regard. The V4 countries are facing: waste and water management, nature protection, air pollution and climate change. Moreover, the environmental awareness of the society is low. To change this, government efforts must be complemented by eco-education, which should start from childhood, so that we can reduce the risk of environmental disasters in our region and bring us closer to the goals of the United Nations. Teachers want to integrate ecology into the curriculum and teach young children in kindergartens about ecology and sustainable development. To do this, they need tools and ideas, and our project responds to this need.


The following activities will be implemented under the project:

  • creating teaching materials for kindergarten teachers and early childhood educators with practical ecological exercises for children both indoors and outdoors, including a simple methodology and sample lesson scenarios,
  • creating 5 comics devoted to:
  • waste management and segregation,
  • preventing hunger and responsible consumption,
  • clean energy,
  • nature protection,
  • global climate change and life under water.

The comics will feature the same three positive characters that children can identify with:

  • conducting a training for teachers and early childhood educators containing guidelines / solutions / proposals based on comics that can be included in the curriculum in kindergartens,
  • creating an e-comic – a comic in an electronic version, widely available online, with a translation into each partner’s language,
  • preparation of audio description – a comic dedicated to blind and visually impaired children in order to raise their environmental awareness and knowledge.

Target groups:

  • teachers, highly motivated and interested in environmental education, 50 from each V4 country,
  • preschoolers aged 3-6, 400 from each V4 country,
  • kindergartens interested in ecology, 10 from each country V4.

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Source of funding:

The “ECO Superhero” project is co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund