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Fundacja Strefa Inspiracji i Rozwoju

Szkolna Street 1
99-100 Łęczyca



May 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019

Partner: MyArtist Koin.S.Ep. Greece

Project goals:

  • taking up socially important issues – human rights
  • promoting animal rights (in educational and social terms)
  • promoting attitudes of tolerance and human dignity
  • increasing intercultural awareness
  • stimulating creativity and a sense of initiative among young people
  • strengthening the cohesion of Europe in the context of a common good / goal
  • developing passions and interests in the context of choosing a future career path
  • promoting civic accountability to combat discrimination

The project shows in a different mirror, through an extraordinary form of expression, animal rights (art will emphasize the lack of participation of animals in this exhausting event), human rights, whether through the clownade it will convey a message against hate speech, discrimination or xenophobia, thus raising the subject of tolerance and respect for other people. Jugglers, acrobats or clowns are people who, through their artistry, ironically show social problems, and the recipient has to read the message. Circus art is a great passion for initiators, young people want to show that every passion, talent and determination can make it possible for each of us to pursue our dream job in the future, showing our steadfastness in achieving our professional goals.

The results:

Increasing intercultural awareness, breaking the communication barrier, strengthening the attitude of tolerance and respect for human dignity; broadening the worldview to defend animal rights; understanding the importance of self-development and self-fulfillment as a dream career path.