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Fundacja Strefa Inspiracji i Rozwoju

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Implementation period: June 1, 2020 – October 18, 2020


Civic organization “Development and Initiative”

Project goals:

Main Goal:

  • promoting the attitude of openness and understanding in intercultural dialogue by extending access to culture for deaf people.

Detailed goals:

  • protection of the dignity of human rights
  • social inclusion of disabled people and counteracting discrimination
  • shaping pro-European attitudes: solidarity, democracy, tolerance, respect for the weaker individual
  • strengthening European belonging
  • European integration (able-bodied people with the disabled)
  • increasing intercultural awareness (with an emphasis on sign language culture)
  • increasing access to culture for deaf people


The project will be attended by 32 young people aged 17-25 from Poland and Ukraine (16 participants from each country) and 2 leaders, that is 34 people who want to promote attitudes of openness and understanding in intercultural dialogue by extending access to culture for deaf people.

Project activities include a 10-day youth exchange (online form) consisting of linguistic and cultural preparation and the Deaf Theater workshops. Young people will create a scenario, build a set design from recycled materials, create a visual record of improvisation, and finally present the effect of their work.

The results:

  • Final theater performance for the local community
  • Film from the theater performance ‘Hear my voice!’
  • Acquisition by participants of competences of active participation in social life, development of passion, international integration of young people and partner organizations, increasing the cultural knowledge of neighboring countries, increasing language and communication skills, increasing empathy, awareness and horizons in the field of human rights protection, spreading the principles of tolerance, respect other people, strengthening the idea of social integration, preventing discrimination and social exclusion by including people with disabilities (hearing impairments) in the project activities, shaping pro-ecological attitudes, developing passion, skills, self-rea